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Mass Effect's llusive man hideout Dreamscene

I noticed I have done a few modifications in my blog that made me look like a crazy Mass Effect fan but I can't help it. The game is just too awesome and enjoyable overall though the face import and character stuck bug issues were disappointing IMO. However, today I have a treat for you Mass Effect fans and if you are using Windows 7/Vista as I have created a Dreamscene video for the game where it shows the planet behind the Illusive Man. Since I've not seen anyone creating this, I would like to be the first to make it a reality. Maybe I will review this game once I'm free again and hope you like the video :)

Photoshop heavy edition for Multimedia design

Didn't get to post much things lately due to assignments and stuff. Anyhow, the one I'm posting now is still part of my assignment as well. It's a Photoshop class though and I quite enjoyed it to be frank, here is the final outcome and to make it more epic, please use your cursor and point to the image below for even heavier Photoshop effect :D

Alarm clock for Multimedia design

My alarm clock

Digital Design Assignment (12/9/11)


These are the 3 different resolution that is taken for few web safe area when making a website. Among the web browsers used are Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari:

The web safe area for 1024x768 resolution with the specific display size from my browsers.

The web safe area for 1280x800 resolution with the specific display size from my browsers.

The web safe area for 1280x1024 resolution with the specific display size from my friend's browsers. If you notice, it's not taken from own pc as my display did not come with this resolution.

And the last thing to post tonight will be the pixel buddy assignment that I've been assigned to do. I'm still not sure who is who in the class but here is the result, hope it matches his personality...
Just received my buddy icon from my classmate, thanks Choon How :D
It does look kinda like me!! (except for the white shirt, I don't do white....)
Signing off,
Bluedrake a.k.a. Shippoukitsune

10 things to describe me (Multimedia Design)

1) I'm part of the darkness when it comes to my personality. Nobody really knows my true nature and I don't show my real myself unless the person is deemed worthy to be my friend.

2) I'm like an owl due to my nocturnal status every night. Technically, I sleep only 3-4 hours per day.

3) I'm a tornado when it comes to doing my assignments. Everything is messy and hectic when I'm trying to complete it as I'm not the most diligent person around the class.

4) However, I'm like ant that works as a team when it comes to group assignment. I will not slow down other people and will try my utmost best to fulfill the assignment with my team mates.

5) I'm referred as Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde once in a while as I could almost become another different person when I'm in different mood. Positive mood will obviously makes me look like Dr. Jekyll and when I'm not in a good mood, you will see Mr Hyde in me.

6) I'm like a rubber string when I'm communicate with people. I'm flexible when I'm talking to any type of people but there is a limit of patience I can take before the rubber string snaps in me.

7) I personify myself as dog when it comes to friendship loyalty. However, the process to gain my loyalty is a painfully long process before I will even consider you as friends. Girls are exception though, I will not be loyal to any of them except for my soul mate.

8) Internet is also considered as a part of my personality due to my curios nature that wants to gather new information/resource about everything all around the world everyday.

9) I'm a mountain when it comes to stubbornness, no matter how the winds of comments howled at me, I will not retreat and will stand at my point

10) My life is as busy as a bee due to my enormous amount of workload for my assignments and company work. (I have at least 5+ different odd jobs to perform almost everyday)

See photoshop PSD thumbnail in explorer!!


Do you have a massive amount of PSD files in your pc, cluttered up so badly that you can't tell which is which until you open them up? Frustrated as you keep on opening them and still couldn't find what you want due to the random names we put for the psd files once in a while?

Here is an example of an unfortunate stacks of PSD files cluttered up and we have no idea which file is the one we want. So, is there an easier way to fix this problem? What if it's like this?

Now, wouldn't this be easier since you can see the preview of the psd file from the thumbnail itself? It saves a lot of time and it's easy to do it. If you want this for your photoshop psd files, here's how to do it:

1) Download the photoshop plugin viewer here:
It will redirect you to my secret dog photo, right click the picture and save it to your pc. Check out the preview below if you are not sure:
Once saved, the secret.jpg file will be in your pc. For my case, it will be in the desktop.
2) Cut/Copy the picture and paste it into this location:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Shell

If you do not have this directory, you can create a folder for this directory then, just make sure you have adobe photoshop (doesn't matter if it's CS4 or CS5). Once you are there, paste the secret.jpg image over there like the picture below:
Next, right click the image and select open with. Select winrar and you will be able to see the magic. (Note: You need to install winrar to extract the file. If you don't have, download it from here, it's free anyway...)
If your "open with" option doesn't have winrar, then you have to select "Choose default Program" and look for winrar.exe from there. Here's the location and the way to do it if you are not sure. Winrar.exe will be located here usually:

C:\Program Files\WinRAR

Let's resume the tutorial then.
Select choose default program.
Click at browse and look for winrar.exe like you see in the screenshot above. Click on the image if it's not clear. Once winrar.exe is selected, click open.
From here, your winrar.exe will be listed under your default programs. Select winrar to open the secret.jpg and make sure the option "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" is untick or else all your jpg files will be opened with winrar next time. Once this part is done, select ok you will see my secret.jpg magically becomes a rar archive :D

Haha, there are actually hidden files in this picture you have downloaded. Impressive eh? Anyhow, I did this so that I do not have to upload all these files into a file sharing site and all. It's easier to keep files in blogspot itself, don't you think?

The next thing you will need to do is to drag and drop the files into the folder where you secret.jpg file is located. I can assure you with my life that the files are clean and not infected in any kind of way. Cross my heart...
Once that is done, run the adobe.reg and click yes once the pop-up asks you for permission. Click yes and there you go, it's all done!! You may remove the secret.jpg, readme.txt and adobe.reg file once you are done. However, do not remove psicon.dll or you will lose the psd thumbnail preview option. Check with your photoshop file to confirm if it works or not. If it's still not showing, then give your pc a restart and it should be there. Hope you like my tutorial and see you guys again soon. If you want to know how to hide the files into an image, drop me a comment and I will explain in details on how to do it. Thank you for reading!

(Note: I am not responsible for any of your pc problem IF this ever blows up your pc though I can 99% guarantee you nothing is going to happen) And lastly, here is the secret picture once more, I can help it but lol at the dog...
Signing off,
Bluedrake a.k.a. Shippoukitsune